Visiual Career/ Performance based on experience and ideas
Performance based on experience and ideas

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UHDF will give you the opportunity to take your career all the way to the top and become a partner. What is more, each of our projects you work on in cooperation with our customers is a great stepping stone that may further your career in other businesses. The responsibilities on each career step are as follows:


Up-to-date, advanced, leading-edge and comprehensive market, competition, organizational and cost analyses
Develop solutions, manage anlyses, create industry reports that lead to new insights, and develop as well as carry out implementation plans
Communication with customers, interview partners from companies as well as research institutions
Create customer relationships


Meet all responsibilities mentioned above and
Support the development of less experienced team members at UHDF
Lead several projects at the same time (planning, implementation, and monitoring)
Create, and further develop customer relationships combined with close cooperation with senior employees of our clients
Close cooperation and coaching of executive employees of our customers
Development and implementation of ideas and concepts for new businesses
Advancement of UHDF's know-how


Meet all responsibilities mentioned above and
Identification and implementation of new trends and approaches which may give our (existing and potential) customers an edge over their competition
Interim management
Closest possible cooperation with and coaching of the key decision makers of our customers
Independent of the career step our team members have taken so far, they work hard every day to improve the market and competitive position of our customers.

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