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Performance based on experience and ideas

Career | How to apply

If you are interested in joining UHDF as a member of our teams, give us a call or, even better, simply send us your resume and application.

We are interested in your previous successes and experience. However, we are also interested in what makes you tick as a person, what makes you smile, and what drives you – after all, we intend to work closely together and would, therefore, like to learn more about the different aspects of your personality. We feel that we need to know each other very well in order to successfully work together on the success of our customers as well as your personal and professional achievements.

Please submit your application (by ordinary mail or by e-mail) to:

UHDF Management GmbH

Eysseneckstrasse 4
D-60322 Frankfurt / Main

phone: +49 (69) 9760 9917
fax:     +49 (69) 9760 9919